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Munster Holidays - South Coast, KwaZulu Natal
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'Life's a beach' in Munster on the KZN South Coast.
Here, flanked by lush vegetation on one side, and boisterous waves crashing onto rocky outcrops on the other, long stretches of unspoilt beach roll into the hazy distance.
Spend your days lazing in the blissful sun on Munster Beach, which is shark protected, excellent for swimming, surfing, kayaking and snorkelling, or cast your rod for Rock Cod, Shad and other reef fish off one of the most glorious beaches on the KZN South Coast.

Nature lovers will appreciate the magnificent beauty of the Umtamvuma Nature Reserve lying inland from nearby Port Edward. Visitors will find clear streams, awe inspiring panoramic views, and towering fortress like sandstone koppies and cliffs located within the reserve. This South Coast reserve also serves as a paradise for birdwatchers, which includes sightings of a colony of Cape Vultures who build their nests in the cliffs that border the river.
During summer (October to April), head north along the KZN South Coast to Umkobi Lagoon for a real treat, where you'll be captivated by an enormous flock of Barn Swallows who roost in the reed beds. Visitors can observe a truly spectacular sight when millions of swallows retire for the evening, a short while before sunset.

For a change of pace, venture south from Munster to the Natal Space Centre (in Port Edward) - an astronomical museum housing an extremely large and interesting private collection of telescopes, optical equipment, books and astronomical photographs, posters, and lasers. For keen astronomers, the South Coast Space Centre features two ten inch Meade telescopes, two five inch refractors, both eight and six inch inch reflectors, and much more which can be viewed daily during holiday seasons.
Then, just a few minutes away brings you to the South Coast, Wild Coast Casino (13.8km from Munster), one of SA's oldest and most popular casinos, with over 400 slot machines with smart card technology.  The Wild Coast Golf Course is a much sought after South Coast Golf Course, and booking is essential.

Back in Munster, there's a 'not to be missed' gastronomical experience waiting you at Mac Banana Farm Stall. Situated within the idyllic surrounds of a Munster banana farm, Mac Banana is a unique family venue which offers shopping, entertainment, and of course its famous delicious, giant pancakes!

Munster offers B&B accommodation for the overnighter, Munster Self Catering for longer stays, and Caravan and Camping accommodation for the more down to Earth. If you're not up for driving, jet into the Munster Airfield, 3 minutes from Munster Beach.

Towns near Munster, South Coast:

South of Munster

Leisure Bay 5.9km from Munster 

Port Edward 9.7km from Munster

North of Munster

Palm Beach 4.8km from Munster

Trafalgar 8.8km from Munster

San Lameer 10.2km from Munster